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Please upload all required photos or information to your Cloud Drive and share the link to us at ‘virtualviewz.com@gmail.com’


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Leave the hosting to us. You have the option of selecting a 6, 12 or 24 months hosting plan. We’ll send you a renewal reminder before removing it from the server. Or you can host the virtual tour yourself. Or a standalone player.
Floor Plan Redraw
A floor plan is a custom layout showing how a property is organized, offering insights into space, functionality, and convenience. For real estate listings, floor plans are vital. They give you an edge by offering attractive visuals that grab attention amidst competition. Without a floor plan, potential buyers struggle to understand the property’s layout and size. We can create a floor plan from nearly any source, including a hand-drawn sketch on paper. Place your redraw floor plans to your virtual tours for orientation. These can include hotspots for easy room-to-room or floor-to-floor navigation. A radar tool shows the user’s current viewing direction.
Using a custom nadir in your virtual tours offers several benefits. It enhances branding and personalization, allowing you to align the tour with your identity or message. It also eliminates distracting tripod, monopod and camera gear from the view, ensuring a clean, professional look and improving the viewer’s experience. Ultimately, it showcases your attention to detail in creating an engaging and high-quality virtual tour. You can reuse the created custom nadir for your next virtual tour order.
Adding a location map to your virtual tour has several benefits. It helps viewers understand the area, offers context about the property’s location, and highlights nearby attractions. This makes the tour more informative, engaging, and aids in decision-making.
Elevate your virtual tour to a whole new level! Picture this: your marketing video or space information video seamlessly integrated into the heart of your virtual tour. It’s not just a virtual tour anymore; it’s an immersive experience that captivates your audience. Imagine a vivid, high-definition TV screen playing your content in the background, beckoning viewers to explore your space. This is the power of innovation at your fingertips, a dynamic fusion of the virtual and the real, where engagement knows no bounds.
Guided Tour
Revolutionize client communication with a virtual meeting room integrated into a 360º tour. A blend of video call and virtual experience. Lead clients through your tour, letting them explore solo or follow your guided presentation. They can sync screens for interactive Q&A and receive a personalized tour.
Safeguard clients’ privacy with password-protected tours. Use our Hosting service to set a tour password, ensuring secure access.
Use your brand elements like logos & colors. This strengthens your brand identity and connects the tour with your organization.
Embed Content
Google Street View
Uploading images to Google Street View boosts your visibility to a global audience. This is great for businesses aiming to attract customers. It also enhances their local search engine optimization (SEO), helping potential customers find them easily in local searches.
Photo Album
A photo album complements the immersive experience of a virtual tour by providing users with additional visual information, context, and convenience. It serves as a valuable complement to the 360-degree views, helping viewers better understand and appreciate the space being presented.
Basic Skin
Skins act as the visual framework for your virtual tours, featuring elements like stickers, buttons, text boxes, icons, animated frame and logos that overlay on the tour. They give your virtual tour a customized look, aligning seamlessly with your style guide or corporate identity.

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Please upload all required photos or information to your Cloud Drive and share the link to us.

Share to : virtualviewz.com@gmail.com

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