1. Customization


Virtualviewz specializes in creating custom virtual tours. Unlike many subscription-based platforms, Virtualviewz.com works closely with you to design and develop virtual tours that are unique to your brand, message, or purpose. This level of customization creates a more engaging and personal experience for your audience.

2. No Subscriptions


With Virtualviewz, you pay a fixed price for each Virtual Tour. This is a significant advantage over subscription-based platforms, which often require ongoing payments.



3. Interactive Multimedia


Virtualviewz incorporates interactive elements such as videos, photos, audio guides, and more to make your virtual tours engaging and informative. This is a feature that not all DIY platforms offer.

4. Unique Features


VirtualViewz offers several unique features, including 3D Transition EffectLive Guide Tour, and Map, Floor plan & Compass. These features enhance the user experience and are not commonly found in other platforms.



5. Branding

Virtualviewz allows you to brand your tours with your logo, contact information, website links, and social media links to maximize leads and advertising. This feature is not always available in DIY platforms.

6. VR Ready


Virtual tours created with Virtualviewz.com are VR Ready. This means they can be accessed on a variety of well-known VR devices, providing an immersive experience for users.

7. Security


Virtualviewz offers password protection for your tours. This feature safeguards your clients’ privacy and ensures secure access, a feature not always available in other platforms.


In conclusion, Virtualviewz offers a superior, customized, and immersive virtual tour experience. Its unique features, fixed pricing, and focus on customization make it a better choice than subscription-based DIY virtual tour makers. Whether you’re showcasing real estate, schools, travel spots, or businesses, Virtualviewz.com is the way to go.